Big Data – Big Business: Industry 4.0

by Thomas Leonhardi (SAP - Global Head of TV Media Relations on October 23, 2014

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“Software makes the difference” states Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board at SAP in his keynote at the “Industrie 4.0 Executive Summit” in Stuttgart, Germany.
The vision of Industry 4.0 is the intelligent factory. What does that means?
Components, raw products, machines and modules are talking to each other via the internet and the cloud. RFID chips or near field communication allow the components and products to become a carrier of information and steer its own way through the production process.
The results are more efficient and more flexible production methods. This will allow companies to involve their customers more closely into the production process. E.g. an individually ordered running shoe can be produced much easier. And companies can react much faster to market changes.

In order to make such an intelligent production work, huge masses of data have to be transmitted and analyzed in real-time. Getting this done, software will be the new competitive edge.
As Prof. Thomas Bauernhansl, Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing, Engineering and Automation says: “Access and management of data is highly important to these new business models. And finally, maybe the ability to produce something is not the core of a company anymore, but to know what customers need, will be at the core of a factory.”
And SAP, says Bernd Leukert, provides the technology, the software and the data security as well to enable companies to be ahead of the curve of this often called “forth industrial revolution”.


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Big data analysis is changing the game in the world of sports. That is why SAP is partnering with the Women’s Tennis Association WTA to transform tennis. SAP’s technology powered by HANA offers players and coaches the tools to analyze performance and optimize strategy in real-time. Players are not only able to improve their game but also to better connect with the fans as well. A mobile app makes all the information visible in real-time to even enhance the fun and entertainment experience.

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(co-written by Sarah Harvey and Alicia Lenze)

This month leaders from around the world gathered in New York City for the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Though climate change and instability in the Middle East dominated the agenda, the assembly also found time to focus on the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – global targets for 2015 that range from halving extreme poverty rates to eliminating gender disparity.
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Marriage Made in the Cloud

by Paul Taylor (SAP) on October 14, 2014

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SAP and IBMare renewing their vows. The two IT industry leaders which have worked together for 40 years, announced a new partnership today that marries SAP’s cloud-based business software with IBM’s global IT infrastructure.

The new partnership is designed to accelerate the deployment of SAP’s HANA technology and cloud-based business apps using IBM’s global network of more than 40 shared data centers. [click to continue…]


Securing the Cloud Your Way

October 14, 2014
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Bill McDermott was studio guest at the CNBC’s show “Closing Bell”. The CEO of SAP discusses the company’s recent deal with Concur Technologies and the steps they are taking to protect the cloud and enterprise systems.

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Becoming THE cloud company in the world

October 14, 2014
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In an extensive Reuters interview, SAP CEO Bill McDermott talks about the company’s top three priorities and the goal to become the world’s No. 1 cloud company, saying “It will be sooner than people think.” He also talks about SAP’s empathy for the customer, what leadership means to him, becoming lean in order to grow, [...]

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SAP’s Message from SAPPHIRE NOW, Bill McDermott on CNBC’s Mad Money

June 5, 2014
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SAP CEO Bill McDermott talks with CNBC’s Jim Cramer from SAPPHIRE NOW from Orlando about his strong confidence in the recently changed management team and underlines the company’s future strategy and the company’s focus on the customer, based on simplicity.

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Growing in the Cloud Business – Bill McDermott on Bloomberg

April 17, 2014
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For today’s announcement of SAP’s Q1 2014 results, co-CEO Bill McDermott talked to various TV stations about the company’s achievements in the first quarter. The co-CEO highlighted that SAP is well on track to become the cloud company powered by SAP HANA.

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The Future of Big Data – Bill McDermott on CNBC Squawk Box Europe

March 11, 2014
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SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott talks exclusively on CNBC’s flagship morning show Squawk Box about CeBIT IT fair, SAP’s move into the cloud and turning big data into smart data.

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Powerhouse of Innovation

February 12, 2014

“We have to dream the next thing”, said SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott in a panel discussion with SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner in Potsdam.
SAP opens its Innovation Center to attract young talents to co-innovate latest software solutions with partners, customers and institutions.
Watch a view short video newsbytes around this event, including young entrepreneurs and SAP co-CEO [...]

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