DEMO – event in St. Clara with live-streaming

by Leonhardi (SAP - Executive Producer SAPTV on September 15, 2010

How does a 16:9 shot fits into a 4:3 webcast window and do we have to convert the power point slides or do we create a second window in the webcast-player? How do we make sure that everybody can watch the press conference online with demo-shows and slides? Is a black chair better than a brown one for a perfect live-stream? Many technical issues – some sophisticated, some profane – had to be solved before the event. But working with a professional crew everything was set up well – right in time. The event was the DEMO press conference. Here SAP´s co-CEO Bill McDermott announced an innovative new approach to business analytics. These solutions are co-created and also presented with customers. That´s why we had to handle many people on the stage or let´s say the challenge was to let everybody shine in a bright light for the audience, the cameras and at least for live-stream we had to manage.

If you are interested in the complete press conference you can watch the replay later the day on


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