Akwaaba – warm welcome – SAP TV shooting at Mim Cashew, Ghana

by Leonhardi (SAP - Executive Producer SAPTV on May 7, 2011

Wow, what a day yesterday – it ended filled with thousands of new impressions and stories totally tired in my bed in Petlinda Lodge somewhere in the nowhere near little noth-west-ghanaian town Mim.

We started at 5.30 am in Accra, Sammy, the driver with a XXL-Ford-Van, Joe and Sean, the camera-crew from Johannesburg (SA) and Jessica and Kathrin from Bavaria-Film. As we knew that it will be a long journey we stopped only to catch some bananas, pineapple and coffee.

Halleluja-building, methodist church, technology college, bike repair, piles of cooking bananas, street vendors, woman carrying everything from trunks to waterbottles on their heads – all of these impressions pass by as we head straight to Kumasi.
Kumasi, Ghana, landscape

Suddenly we had a car breakdown. The starter was not working at all. Well, I called Tirdad from SAP Research that we probably can´t make that shoot in Mim Cashew plant today. But Sammy stopped a Taxi, told the driver to get a mechanic right now to us and, I tell you what: In 45 minutes the problem was fixed! That´s quite faster than the road service in Germany :-)

As we finally reached Mim we started shooting at the cashew plant. The raw cashew nut is dried, peeled, kerneled and sorted here in order to ship to large producers like Kraft Foods. It seems like a hard, monotonic job – it´s stuffy inside the plant – the juice between the nuts and the kernels is acid. The mostly female workers have to put oil on their hands to protect them.

Every cashew goes through 4-6 hands in the whole process. Keep that in mind if you´re complaining next time in the supermarket about the high price of cashew nuts..

We also did an interview with Joseph Yeung, the finance manager of Mim cashew and he told us that they work with SAP software “Business One” to manage all their business from payroll to logistics and accounting in a smart way. Finance Manager Mim Cashew - Interview SAP TV

In the next days we will visit a smallscale cashew-farm in the Wenchi Area.
This is about 3 hours north from Mim.


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