Shooting in Ghana with Cashew Farmers

by Leonhardi (SAP - Executive Producer SAPTV on May 6, 2011

As soon as I reach the door of the A330-300 a strong wave of tropical heat touch me. It´s evening, it´s dark outside – but I can feel that I just landed near the equator. I am in Accra, Ghana.

I am leaving the small airport building, lovely smell of roasted meat in my nose: beef khebab – sold from a simple stall. On the opposite a bar with a large illuminated “Guiness” advertisment. Yes, believe it or not: The real Guiness is brewed under licence – here in the country of the Black Stars.

Arriving in my hotel there is a wedding couple in the lobby and I am pleased to congratulate them. In my room work starts. I call my colleagues and the first news is that we have to leave at 5 am early in the morning to get to city of Mim, which is in North-West-Ghana. Could be an 8 h trip and we have to shoot there in the afternoon.
So, why I am here? I am working for SAP TV and we are going to shoot a video about a research project with the African Cashew Initiative. Deutsche Welle TV is accompanying us to do their own report. The goal of this cashew-initiative is to increase the income of smallholder cashew farmers and to build a bridge from smallscale farms to cooperatives and cashew-buyers.
Depending on the internet availability I will tell soon more about this fascinating project. Stay tuned.


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