Gold Award for SAP TV Video – Sustainable Business in Ghana – Shea Butter

by Leonhardi (SAP - Executive Producer SAPTV on May 18, 2012

Today I am really happy to share the news that the SAP TV production “Sustainable Business in Ghana´” or also called “Shea Butter” has been honored with the GOLD Award at the WorldMediaFestival 2012. The prize was given in the category “Public Relations – Human Relations and Values”. As the SAP Ghana project lead and Head of TV Media Relations EMEA I received the award with Jessica Seilnacht, the responsible producer at Bavaria Film Interactive.

Our big thanks goes to the team that made this possible, especially to our involved colleagues at SAP, PlanetFinance and Bavaria Film Interactive for their great work and support producing this video.

I think this prize awards the high quality and the outstanding value of story telling with videos for external and internal communications.

The WorldMediaFestival ( is one of the most prestigious competitions honoring outstanding productions in Corporate Film, Television, Web, Media Relations and Print.

Among the competitors were international corporations such as Bayer, BASF, Porsche, Canon, Japanese Network NHK, EADS, Daimler and many more.

For those who missed the video last year, some background: SAP and PlaNet Finance joined forces to help improve the incomes and living conditions for rural Ghanaian women engaged in the shea nut harvesting and shea butter business. The women harvest and process shea nuts into high quality, handcrafted shea butter, used in many cosmetic products. For the initiative, SAP and PlaNet Finance provide education, microfinance, information technology and software support. Read more about it in my blog about the shooting in Ghana: Making of Blog Shea Butter

Watch the Video:


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