CNN on McLaren F1 racing team using SAP

by Leonhardi (SAP - Executive Producer SAPTV on September 25, 2012

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Brake pressure, torque, suspension, gas consumption.. in a McLaren-Mercedes racing car are running around 120 sensors, constantly transmitting data. These data are transferred and analysed in real time at McLaren technology center and the technicians can advise immediatly via radio the drivers to change e.g. the motor calibration. Analyzing this data in real-time and leveraging historical data with predictive models, is highly important to improve the race car and achieve the very small percentages of performing difference to win the F1 race. SAP helps with its software and its new highspeed data analyze tool called HANA. This will make it possible to run data analysis 14.000 time faster, from 5 hours to a second.
CNN International reports about McLaren’s use of telemetry with the help of SAP software. McLaren’s driver Lewis Hamilton explains how they use the telemetry acquired from an F1 car and Jonathan Neale, McLaren’s Managing Director, talks about the fruitful collaboration with SAP and the need of fast analysis of data collected by many sensors of the race car.


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